Our standard performance for a roof will guarantee your house will be PROTECTED and DRY for years to come.

shingle-1499438_640Roof installation includes the following:

  • 3′ wide strip of ice and water shield above gutters and in all valleys
  • Eave/rake starter strip
  • 15lb. or 30lb. felt paper over remainder of roof
  • C 3 1/2 aluminum drip edge on all gables and F 4 1/2 aluminum drip edge on all eaves
  • Pipe collars with neoprene fitting
  • Ridge vent for added ventilation
  • GAF Timberline dimensional shingles
  • Ridge cap
  • Plywood if necessary
  • Check gutters and if necessary install new gutters, downspouts & gutter guards

Rest assured that all work is personally supervised by owner, and that trash will be cleaned up daily and removed immediately at the end of the job.

We are a GAF Certified Contractor